Borås Swimrun 2023 rules

1. Organizer

1.1. Borås Swimrun is arranged by: Colting Communication AB,
Döbelnsgatan 73, 50637 Borås 
Organisationsnummer: 556890-6464          


2. The participant

2.1. Anyone who feel prepared for a physical challenge of this kind. The participant is required to have sufficent swimming skills and being comfortable in open water. Kids younger than 16 are welcome to participate in the sprint race but are required to race with an adult.

3. The race

3.1. Participants move forward along the course swimming and/or running and walking. No vehicles or other related aid is allowed. Participants are required to at all times follow the marked course without exception, and are required to run through the timing mats along the course. Cutting or altering the course will lead to DQ or a time penalty decided by the Race officer based on the situation.  

3.2. Mandatory equipment is to be used. Some equipment is recommended. See section 4.

3.3. Participants are not allowed outside assistance from any other than race officials and race aid stations.

3.4. There are at least five aid stations along the course. They will provide water, sportsdrink, gel, bars, food and energy drinks although all stations won´t have everything. At these stations the participants can fill their own soft flasks and such, if needed.

3.5. The race will have a medical doctor at the site. There will also be first aid equipment at each aid station.

3.6. For both the long and the sprint course we will have three categories; men, women and mixed.

3.7. Borås Swimrun will begin with a mass start. The long course will have one start time and the sprint course a separate one.


4. Equipment

4.1. General

4.1.1. All gear and equipment each team brings to the start need to follow them along to the finish. You can´t ditch gear along the way. Therefore, practice before the race.

4.2. Mandatory equipment

4.2.1. Each team need to wear the timing chip that is provided by the race organizer.

4.2.2. Every participant need to wear: Wetsuit adapted for cold water swimming. The race bibs provided by the race organizer. The race bib is to always be worn and visible. 

4.3. Recommended equipment: Goggles. Trail running shoes. Hand paddles. Soft flask for fluids.

4.3.1 Swimcap – The swimcap is not a mandatory equipment, only recommended! If you would like to wear a swicamp during the race, bring your own! The organizer will not provide one for you, it is better to race in one you like and that fits you. Note that if you bring a swimcap to start, it must be carried with you throughout the race, from start to finish and is not to be left behind.

4.4. Allowed equipment: Zoomers/fins. Pull buoy. Fanny pack. Tether gear and cord.


5. Time keeping

5.1. The official time keeping begins when the race starts and each teams finish time is recorded when crossing the finish line.

5.2. A timing chip by EST will record the official race time and also splits along the way.

5.3. Official results will be published on our race site no later than 24 hours after the race.

5.4. Borås Swimrun don´t have any cutoff times. You can swimrun all day if needed!


6. Responsibility and liability

6.1. Each contestant participate at Borås Swimrun at their own risk. Race insurance is not covered by the entry fee.

6.2. Each participant need to know the rules and abide by them.

6.3. It´s mandatory to help any other particpant if needed. The number one rule in swimrun is to take care of each other.

6.4. Be respectful to other participants, race officials, residents, land owners and cattle.

6.5. Gates not supervised by race officials need to be closed after passing through them.

6.6. Participants need to follow instructions and direction from race officials.

6.7. If a team decide to DNF and abandon the race they are obligated to notify a race official as soon as possible. They also need to return to the finish area and return their timing chip.

6.8. Littering along the course is absolutely forbidden and will render a DQ. Litter can be thrown at aid stations.

6.9. Registration to Borås Swimrun is binding. No refunds. You are however allowed to transfer your registration to another team, see the next paragraph.

6.10. You are allowed to make changes in your team or exchangning team members. The race will charge an administrative fee of 200 sek.


7. Rules

7.1. The rules need to be followed by all competitors. Breaking rules will lead to DQ.

7.2. The race organization can decide on a teams DQ for rule infractions, or on a time penalty for minor rule infractions.

7.3. By signing up and paying the start fee each participant accepts the race rules.


8. Safety

8.1. Each team member is responsible for their team partner.

8.2. The two team members are not to be separated by more than 15 metres at any time during the race.

8.3. The race provides safety boats that patrol the longer swim sections. It is however each participants own responsibility to be sufficiently prepared for the demands of open water swimming that is required at this race. 

8.4. It is absolutely forbidden to dive in head first at any of the swim sections.

8.5. Race officials have the right to deny participants to continue if  participants health or safety seem to be compromised by continuing.

8.6 Each team start together and finish together. If one team member abandon the race, the second team member is not allowed to continue on their own.


9. Media, partners and sponsors

9.1. Media

9.1.1. Participants give their consent, by signing up to the race, to photos and film taken by race photographers or related media, to be used in social media or in marketing of the event.

9.2. Partners

9.2.1. Partners to Borås Swimrun have the right to display their brand and their products at the race site.

9.2.2. Race bibs may not be cut, folded or altered in any way

9.3. Sponsors

9.3.1. Participants have the right to display their own sponsors on their equipment.