Frequently asked questions

We have collected the most frequently asked questions regarding Borås Swimrun below. If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us.

What are the distances for Borås Swimrun?

The long course has a combined distance of 34 km, spread out over 12 swim sections and 13 run sections. Total swim distance is 5 km and the longest section is 1300 m. Total run is 29 km and the longest section is 11 km.

The sprint course has a combined distance of 13 km spread out over six swim sections and seven run sections.


Where can we park our car?

In connection with the race area there is plenty of parking space.


Is there an Individual category for participation?

Yes, there is!


Are we allowed to participate with more than two team mates in our team?

No, Borås Swimrun is a team contest for two person teams.


Will I get ÖTILLÖ Merit Race Points for my effort in Borås Swimrun?

Yes. ÖTILLÖ Merit Race Points will be distributed among the Team-participants of Borås Swimrun´s long course. No points will be handed out in the sprint race, nor for any individual racers.


How many aid stations are there?

Along the long track there will be five to six energy and aid stations and along the sprint course there will be two energy stations. There will also be energy available at start and finish.


What is served at the aid stations?

Water, sports drink, gels, bars, candy, fruits, energy drinks, cola and food. Not all stations will have everything though


Whats the terrain like?

The terrain is very hilly but not particularly technical. There are roots and stones on some stretches. You will run on asphalt, gravel, grass and trails.


How will I find my way around the track?

The track will be bannered and marked from start to finish. There will be extra signs at crossings and officials pointing the right direction at critical areas.


How do I aim during swim sections?

There will be flags with a bright colour at the end of each swim. At some swims there will be bright coloured flags at the beginning as well, but during most swim sections there will be an official pointing out the direction for you and making sure you see the flag at the end before you enter the water. At the longer swims there will be buoys functioning as halfway points.


Am I allowed to use paddles, fins or pull bouys?

Yes, you are allowed to use all of the above. You are not allowed to use any other floatation device.


What´s the water temperature usually like?

In early June the temperature in the water is typically around 15 degrees celsius.


What different categories can I register in?

We divide contesting teams in three categories based on gender, Male, Female and Mixed.


What kind of shoes should I use for Borås Swimrun?

We recommend thin and light trail shoes.


How do you oversee the safety during swim stretches?

Along the longer stretches there will be safety boats in the water, with officials looking over the safety of the swimmers and keeping other boats away. However. It is each participants responsibility to keep themselves and their partner safe and to be prepared.


Am I allowed to dive into the water?

No, diving is absolutely forbidden and will lead to disqualification.


Do I participate in Borås Swimrun at my own risk?

Yes, participation is at your own risk.


Do I have any commitments against other teams along the track?

Yes, you have a commitment against your teammate in the case of an emergency. You as a team also have a commitment to help any other team in case of an emergency.


What about medical assistance?

There will be medical assistance available along the course and in the start and finish area.


Will I get a refund of the registration fee if I get sick?

No, we recommend all participants to get the ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Insurance.


Can I make changes in my team?

Yes. You can make changes in your team at no extra charge up until 2 weeks prior to the race. After 2 weeks and up until raceday changes will come with an additional cost of 200SEK.


Is there a wetsuit requirement for participants in the sprint race?

No, it´s not a requirement, but it is allowed and recommended.


How do I travel to Borås?

Fly to Gothenburg Landvetter International Airport, located only 40 km from Borås. The bus ride to Borås only takes 25 minutes and leaves frequently.


Where do I stay in Borås?

We recommend our race hotel Scandic Plaza, located in the centre of Borås. However, there are a number of hotels and hostels in Borås.


How do I get to the racesite?

It´s only a few kilometres from the centre of Borås so it´s an easy transfer. 


What about Borås Triathlon on the day prior to Borås Swimrun?

Yes! For those wanting to get some extra racing from the weekend we also have Borås Triathlon Saturday June 3rd. Same racesite as Borås Swimrun. Our race features both an Half-Ironman distance and a Sprint distance.


I want to travel with my family. What can we do together in Borås?

Borås is a great town and we have a lot of shopping and fashion. We have the second largest zoo in Sweden and a number of swimming pools.