English - Borås Swimrun

Anmäl dig redan idag!




Almenäs and Öresjö, just outside Borås, will host this summers most spectacular Swimrun race! The course is 34.4 kilometres long and consists of 13 swims and 14 runs. The total run distance is 29.5 kilometres and the swim distance is 5 kilometres.

The longest run is 7 kilometres and the longest swim is 1300 metres. You compete as a team consisting of two members and you will start and finish the event together. Wearing a wetsuit, light shoes and a bathing cap you will face a course with alternating swim- and run stages. Like an amphibious vehicle, you will be just as well equipped for water as for dry land!

The scenery around Öresjö is picturesque and breathtaking. The course winds its way through and over magical forests and deep waters. Borås SwimRun circumnavigates the lake of Öresjö and its neighbouring nature. Borås SwimRun offers a magnificent outdoor experience with a unique and challenging terrain!

The race center including start and finish is located at Almenäs, a few kilometers outside the center of Borås. Almenäs hosts huge grassy areas, plenty of parking space, toilets as well as a café and restaurant. Almenäs is an ideal place for an event of this kind. Öresjö is the largest lake in Borås and is known for its clean water. The town of Borås also takes its drinking water from Öresjö. Through our timing system, our amenities, our live broadcast and our speaker on site, Borås SwimRun will be a great day for the whole family in Borås and Almenäs!


Borås SwimRun will take place on Sunday June 3rd 2018. First start is at 11.00.


Men´s, women´s and mix catergories. No individual participation.

General information about the course and terrain

The contestants circumnavigate the lake of Öresjö and its vicinity, swimming and running. Apart from the initial running segment the runs are all hilly and on trails or gravel roads . One kilometer takes place on asphalt and a few more kilometres on gravel road but the rest is on forest trails and nature trails.

Apart from roots and other typical forest elements the run is not to be regarded as particularly technical or difficult. The course runs through and past parts of Rya Åsar, Frufällan, Kröklings Hage, the GIF terrain and Lejondalen. You swim mostly in Öresjö but also in the river Viskan and in several smaller bodies of water such as Glasögonsjöarna.

The course will be well marked and signposted. The swim segments will be clearly marked at the entry and finish. For longer swims flags and pennants will even further enhance course. Boats will be on the lake for swimmers safety.

Along the course there will be five liquid and food stations.

You will be treated to a nice grilled buffet after finishing the course.