We are happy to offer four coached training sessions in Borås prior to our race! The dates are:

May 7th
May 16th
May 22nd
May 28th

These sessions will take place at Kypegården, Kypesjön in Borås (note; not our race location) and begin at around 18.00. They will be coached by yours truly on most occasions:) Prior to every workout I will give a short talk on training, equipment, race prep and so forth. This will also be an excellent time for you to try out all your gear and the specifics of the unique sport of swimrun.

These sessions consist of rather short laps across and around the lake Kypesjön. The swim is 90 metres and the run is 400 metres after which you´re back at the swim start again. Typically we will encourage people to do around 15 laps including a few short breaks. Kypesjön is a very small lake and the water is usually relatively mild. On May 1st it was 16 degrees warm.

This is strictly a training session and very low key. Go fast, hard or slow. We encourage EVERYONE interested in trying out swimrun to come and join these sessions. Of course, these sessions are free of charge!


Prior to each of these sessions, from 17.30, special attention will be given to those of you who need some special attention regarding open water swimming, for instance regarding swimming technique, equipment and wetsuit questions or navigation. I´ll be there (on May 22nd there will be another coach) to answer questions, give pointers on technique and assist in any way I can to make your swimming experience better! This special coaching offer is open to everyone signed up for either Borås Swimrun or Borås Triathlon!