Borås Swimrun postponed for September 12th 2021

We have made an early decision to move Borås Swimrun from May 30th to Sep 12th.

There are several reasons for this decision and they are all based on the current restrictions regarding Covid-19.

The current situation raises many doubts whether or not it will be allowed to organize events gathering hundreds of participants, already in May. We can´t expect any new updates regarding this issue in a few months and even then there´s no guarantee on lesser restrictions. The near future is simply too unclear.

We can´t plan for, and work with the event, given these circumstances. The same is true for our partners, our staff, our volunteers and the local community that we need in order to produce the first class event we strive to produce.

In most places in Sweden, and probably all over Europe, swimming pools have been, and are continued to be, closed which makes training very compromized. You, the athletes, are the ones that “make” our event and we feel that everyone should be given a fair chance to prepare themselves for such an ardous event as ours. This is not the case right now.

Instead of postponing this decision for weeks and months, and by doing so keeping both our own organisation and the athletes in uncertainty, it feels a lot better to already now communicate a new race date for the end of the summer.

All teams that are entered for Borås Swimrun will be automatically moved to September 12th. Our terms and conditions can be found on our website. If you have questions regarding your entry please e-mail Malin at


We hope that you respect and understand our decision!

Jonas Colting

Race director