We can now confirm that we will run Borås Swimrun on September 20th. This is the back-up date that we announced earlier this year as we were forced to move from our original date of May 31st.

We have had an ongoing dialogue with Swedish authorities and we have now been informed that we have been granted a permission to organize our event. We have provided a detailed plan on how we will adjust our event to meet current Swedish regulations in regard to Covid-19.

There has been, and still is, quite a bit of confusion in regard to how these regulations should be applied to events such as ours but during the past few weeks other events have been granted the same permission in regard to the current 50-person limit.

The adjustments we have made are as follows:

  • Race check-in by groups of 50 persons.
  • Race area will be separated in different sections for a maximum of 50 persons each, pre-race.
  • Race briefing by groups of 50 persons.
  • Wave start every 10 minutes of 25 teams each.
  • Spectator free event.
  • Specific set-up for post-race finish and food.
  • We ask participants to leave race arena within 45 minutes after finishing.

Our focal point is that no more than 50 persons will be at the same place (area) at the same time.

Our adjustment will stretch out the day somewhat and everything from start to finish will take a little bit longer. Everyone racing the same distance and category will not be able to start together. There won´t be, perhaps, the same post-race festivity a race like ours would normally provide. But hey, there will be an actual race and everything that goes with it!

The water temperature at this time of year will be decent. Right now we have unusually warm water in Öresjö so race day temperatures will likely be around 15 degrees.  If we are lucky the weather will also co-operate and we´ll have a beautiful late summer day.

We have room for quite a few more teams and registration is open!

Everything in regard to the current status of our race, and the coming month, comes with a disclaimer. We cannot guarantee anything as the Covid-19 situation may change. And with that, regulations and race sanctions. But as of now, we are sanctioned and good to go. In the case of a cancelled race we will offer a transfer of your start to the 2021 race on May 30th.